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Our Vision

A Malawian society where the vulnerable children, youth, women and girls are protected and empowered; where governance is increasingly INCLUSIVE, ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIBLE to citizens; and RESPONSIBLE CITIZENSHIP through promotion of active children, youth and women participation/representation. YCD envisions a Malawian society where every one’s opportunities are nurtured, a Malawian society becoming a better place for humanity.

Our Mission

To protect and improve the livelihoods of vulnerable children, youth, women, girls and disadvantaged groups through education, training, mobilization, economic empowerment and participation 


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Welcome to our Team section – the heartbeat of our community-focused organization, Youth Coalition for the Consolidation of Democracy. Here, we proudly introduce the dedicated individuals who drive our impactful social projects. United by a shared passion for creating positive change, our team infuses a spirit of collaboration and compassion into every endeavor. Get to know us better as we combine our diverse personalities and unwavering commitment to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

Partner Organization

The association "Pamodzi Tingathe - Together for Malawi" was founded on the initiative of Birgit Zurbrügg, who in 2018/19 carried out a three-month social commitment for the our organization Youth Coalition for the Consolidation of Democracy (YCD) in the poorest part of Malawi. It became clear to her that she wanted to find a way to continue to support the valuable work of Francis Folley, who founded this charity in 2012. That is why Birgit and other members founded the support association "Pamodzi Tingathe", or "Patimalawi" on September 1, 2019.

Trust is the most important thing.
Birgit Zurbrügg met Francis Folley (President of YCD) personally, worked closely with him and his team and lived with them. She accompanied their commitment to the poor population in southern Malawi for three months.. Since then, the Patimalawi Board has visited the projects in Malawi annually in order to strengthen cooperation and formulate common goals. Patimalawi has been supporting YCD since 2019.

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