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YCD, supported by PAMODZI TINGATHE, empowers disadvantaged children in Malawi through education, fostering active community participation and growth.


Following Tropical Cyclone Ana in Malawi, YCD and PATIMALAWI are aiding 53 orphaned children from Nchalo, Chikwawa district, providing essential support, education, and fostering arrangements to help them recover and thrive after the disaster.


YCD is taking action against child marriages in areas with high rates of early unions. By preventing these marriages, we are aiming to secure better educational prospects and improved health outcomes for young girls.


The project aims to provide assistance to flood victims in Malawi following the impacts of Tropical Cyclone Ana and Tropical Cyclone Freddy, addressing their essential needs and helping them recover from the devastation.

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YCD aids young offenders in Malawi's justice system through social workers, counseling, legal support, and life skills training, promoting reintegration and reducing recidivism for lasting positive impact.


YCD and PATMalawi's goat farming project supports 152 needy students in Malawi's Chikwawa and Nsanje districts by providing essential school resources through sustainable goat farming. 


Tropical Cyclone Ana left families homeless in Malawi, prompting YCD and PATIMALAWI to build 50 houses for those affected by the floods.

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