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Orphan Support Project

The Tropical Cyclone Ana in Malawi has left so many children at Nchalo in Chikwawa district as orphans and helpless. There are 33 children at flood Nchalo camp who are orphaned by both parents. Their parents, houses and all their belonging were swept away by the flood storm. These orphans are living in a very dire situation than the rest of the flood victims. These children are between the ages of 8 months to 13 years. They are in need of basic food, shelter, clothes water and education. They are too young to search for food for themselves and other life needs. The support they get from the other elder flood victims at the camp is even way below the basic. YCD and PATIMALAWI have been giving them food since the flood storm. Even our support is not even enough. Currently YCD and PAMODZI TINGATHE are supporting 53 orphans.

YCD and PATIMALAWI have found foster families for these orphans. To those orphans that were in school we have sent them to schools. We are paying for their fees, notebooks and writing materials.

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