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Join the YCD Team as a Volunteer

YCD warmly welcomes both international and local volunteers. International volunteers work to support a wide variety of programs YCD is executing year-round and live with local families to deeply immerse themselves in the local life in Nchalo, Malawi. Volunteers can serve for a minimum of two weeks or up to several months, and will work on tasks such as:

  • Assisting with school programs to make sure the most vulnerable youth are able to attend school

  • Assisting with teacher training programs, especially for female teachers who help female students stay in school by distributing sanitary pads and educating female students about their periods (girls often miss school during their cycles due to lack of proper sanitation methods)

  • Visiting youths in prison and helping teach life skills courses in the prisons to advance the rehabilitation program

  • Conduct home visits to ensure YCD is aware of community needs and supporting the most vulnerable families

  • Organizing large-scale outreach campaigns against child marriage with media in vulnerable areas in Chikwawa district

  • Visiting local courts, police stations, and prisons to maintain the relationship between these entities

  • Fundraising and applying for local and international grants

Learn more about our ongoing international volunteer program and hear from previous volunteers by visiting our Workaway page.

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